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The Latest Buzz

Haberdasher's Company

2016 Entrepreneurs Award


"18 women entrepreneurs that will inspire young girls to be their own boss"

-Evening Standard

NCC 2017 Business Awards

Young Entrepreneur of the year

Highly Commended

Hi, we are DinoByte!

Fueled by donuts and a drive to make games with diverse player experiences, we set up DinoByte Labs in 2015.


We love all kinds of games, whether they’re cute, quirky and casual, or expansive and intricate. Being pretty dedicated gamers ourselves, we approach design with the player experience as our main focus, and all our projects are guided by really listening to what our players have to say through our DinoBits Program.


Our first self-published game, Midli, soared through it's Kickstarter goal, and is getting ready to be released this year!