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Connect With Us!

Who are we?

Hi! We’re DinoByte Labs, a London based indie games start-up, co-founded by Louise Leolin and Christian Lovdal in 2015.


DinoByte is built on our love for games, our rampant creative imagination and our drive to make an impact in the industry, and we aim to funnel all of this into creating great player experiences.


We believe in keeping the player in focus throughout the design and development process, and we try to really listen to what our players have to say.


To help with this we’ve assembled a team hailing from around the world, with diverse skillsets and a variety of professional backgrounds, among them user experience design (UX) which we feel gives us an edge in the current industry meta.


Louise Leolin

Co-Founder & Games Producer

I'm our games producer and UX expert, which involves about a million individual tasks, but the work I enjoy the most on our games is concepting and user research.

Other things I enjoy include kpop, donuts and character driven games!

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Christian Lovdal

Co-Founder & Games Designer

Aside from designing levels and writing stories, I currently also do most of our games coding a task I'm surprised to find I love as much as I do.

On the occasion that I have free time, there's nothing I like more than eating fried chicken and playing a great RPG.

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Meet the Team

James Pendry

Artist & Animator

James does most of our animations, a large amount of art and graphics, and some amazing 3D CGI work.

His treasure trove of unopened collector edition games is the envy of the office. We just hope he invites us when he decides to see what's inside.

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Freya Haga


Freya helps manage and curate content for our social media, and works with Adobe CC to create graphics and video content.

When she's not busy working for us, she's an avid photographer, her pictures often featured in newspapers.

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Get In Touch

If you are from the press and require images or logos you can find them in our press kit.

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