Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms & Conditions for the Naming Contest we're running to help us choose a name for one of the Forgotten Shadows, the spider-like one, in our game Midli.


I. This competition is run by us, DinoByte Labs, and only us. If others share it or post it, that’s awesome (please do), but it’s not done as a paid promotion or in any legal affiliation with our company

II. Anyone can, and should(!) submit, regardless of age and location, but unfortunately we can only send the prize to entrants over 18, or those under 18 with written parental consent

III. To enter you must be following us (when the competition ends) on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram, or like us on Facebook, and simply do one, or multiple of the following:

          III.a Twitter - Quote retweet with your name suggestion, and use the hashtag #ForgottenShadows

          III.b Tumblr - Reblog with your name suggestion, and use the hashtag #ForgottenShadows

          III.c Instagram - Repost the competition image, using a public post, with the name suggestion in

          the description, and the hashtag #ForgottenShadows

          III.b Facebook - Like the competition post and comment your name suggestion

IV. By submitting a suggestion you agree to all these terms and conditions, as well as the rules, and you relinquish all rights to the name you’ve suggested. It’s ours now! This is in effect from the moment you submit, not just when/if we tell you you’ve won. We may use it however we see fit! In return we promise to honor you as the winner, and send you your prize if you’re eligible for it

V. The competition ends on the 22nd of September, 2017, at 00:01.

VI. We’re not responsible if any submissions are not received by us for any strange reason

VII. We reserve the right to cancel or amend the competition and terms without notice in the event of strange and unforeseen circumstance (anything can happen)

VIII. The rules and specifics of the competition itself are as follows:

          VIII.a If the winning name is submitted by multiple people, whoever did it first wins

          VIII.b The prizes (yes, that’s plural) is as follows:

                    - Get credited in our game as "Shadow Whisperer"


                    - An exclusive and limited ULTRA thick (600gsm) concept art card, made in collaboration by

                    the founders of DinoByte Labs

                    - A limited set of 6 glossy tarot cards featuring Midli character art in a wax sealed envelope


                    - A limited DinoByte Labs enamel pin

                    - A handwritten Midli postcard signed by the team

                    - An invite to the closed Beta

                    - The digital booklet ‘The Making of Midli’, featuring behind the scenes dev secrets and c

                    concept art

                    - A COPY OF THE GAME either through the Apple App store or Google Play

                    - A set of beautiful HD phone and desktop wallpapers

          VIII.c The prizes are not transferable, and no cash alternatives will be offered

          VIII.d The winner will be chosen by us based on the name we like the most! Of course we’re only

          human, so we do get influenced if your comment/retweet/reblog or repost is insanely popular with

          others, but this is not a guarantee that we will choose it

          VIII.e If you’re the winner you will be notified via private message on the same social network you

          submitted your suggestion on, so please give us permission to message you! We will also make a

          public post with the winner’s name


          VIII.f If you’re the winner you agree to the use of your name in publicity material as well as the fact

          that you’ve entered. We won’t share private information beyond this, or link to your social media

          accounts unless you give us explicit permission to do so

IX. The art for the spider-like Forgotten Shadow is currently not final, and may change before the game is released. Any art changes will NOT mean the winning name will change.

X. This competition is not sponsored or administered by Facebook, Twitter or other social networks